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    Welcome to the Family History Hound 

                                              (the Hound as a pup)

I readily admit that I'm a genealogy addict and I probably require an intervention, but that's why you want to follow me. 

Think of me as a pipeline to so many different aspects of genealogy. I love DNA and I like any type of technology. Whether it's in the genealogy field or in other areas. I enjoy genealogy webinars, I love books; whether they are genealogy how to books, history books or genealogy fiction. I enjoy scrap booking and organizing photos.  

The best thing of all this is I love to share. Either through my blog; Hound on the Hunt or through my store; Shop the Hound

As for helping; if you have a Canadian connection and especially an Alberta connection I'd be happy to put boots to the ground and help you with your research. 

Or if you have gotten your DNA results and you just can't seem to connect your matches then let me help. 

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I have an genealogy addiction; let me share it with you. 

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