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    Welcome to the Family History Hound 

                                              (the Hound as a pup)

I readily admit that I'm a genealogy addict and I probably require an intervention, but that's why you want to follow me. 

Think of me as a pipeline to so many different aspects of genealogy. I love DNA and I like any type of technology. Whether it's in the genealogy field or in other areas. I enjoy genealogy webinars, I love books; whether they are genealogy how to books, history books or genealogy fiction. I enjoy scrapbooking and so much more. 

The best thing of all this is I love to share. Either through my blog; Hound on the Hunt or through my store; Shop the Hound

As for helping; if you have a Canadian connection and especially an Alberta connection I'd be happy to put boots to the ground and help you with your research. 

I have an genealogy addiction; let me share it with you. 

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